We have some stock in old bottles and/or packaging that we would like to clear out to make a little more room. Check out the clearance page. Inventory is limited, as indicated on each item. Offerings include the old tall and thin 100 ml bottles, the old flat rectangular 30 ml bottles, and 15 ml bottles with old-style labels.

Custom Discovery Set has temporarily changed its name to eliminate spam

For some reason the Custom Discovery set became infected by the spam-bots so that I was having to delete dozens of disgusting spam posts every day, mostly the same few over and over again, flooding in from different spoofed addresses. I have deleted the Custom Discovery Set and replaced it with the same item under the name Custom Spray Variety Set. Once things have gone back to normal, I’ll try changing the name back again.


When you place an order, please double-check to make sure your shipping address on the checkout window is correct and complete. Also check the address on the order confirmation that you receive, and let us know immediately if anything is incorrect. This is especially important if your shipping address and billing address are different, if you have recently moved and do not remember your current address, or if you are having your package shipped to a third party. We cannot be responsible for incorrect or incomplete addresses entered on orders.

On international orders is absolutely essential that you double-check the address  because we cannot be responsible for non-delivery of packages sent to an incorrect address. 

If you move, it is always a good idea to complete a change of address form at the post office so that they can forward any mail you receive at your old address.